Welcome to TeachBreakthroughs!

Hi Teachers!

Welcome to TeachBreakthroughs!

This is a new project for Breakthrough, an attempt to get ahold of this newfangled Internets for our own good uses.

This is what we know about the teaching experience at Breakthrough:

  1. It is amazing.
  2. It is hard, and it makes you tired.
  3. After the summer, it’s hard to maintain the connections you’ve made to people and to the organization.

To that end, we are trying to connect you all to each other, to form a strong, trusted network built on shared experiences and varying skills and talents. I invision a day when dropping the name of Breakthrough will get your collective feet in the door for that dream job or the graduate program of your dreams.

All of you have important, valuable experiences and connections to share with each other this summer, and here you will have a chance.

Want to be a voice for Breakthrough across the network? Send me a note, and let me know that you want to blog for us!

Bobby Cupp (San Francisco ’03, Day School ’04)
Teacher Excellence Program Specialist

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