Meet your Colleagues: Cleda in Fort Worth

Name: Cleda Wang
Site: Fort Worth
School attending: Texas Christian University
Returning teacher?: Fort Worth – this is my second summer there
Class(es) teaching: 7th Grade Science

Well, it’s almost summer! *Get Excited!!!!* That’s what one of the teachers from last summer would always tell everyone. Honestly, I’ve been excited since the end of last summer! I am returning for my second summer in Fort Worth and can’t wait to see my students. This Saturday (May 19), I’ll be seeing some at Orientation! I missed the local teacher dinner, but know most of the local teachers already, since most are from TCU or are returners from last summer. I’ve already started lesson planning. I just want to be on top of things and not procrastinate. I want to make the most out of my summer. I’ve requested “Leadership 101” to be my elective that I teach if I do not get Team Leader this summer. It’s a compilation of public speaking, learning to set goals, and learning different strengths that students can be. It will also be based on StrengthsQuest (something realllly big at Texas Christian and Texas Tech; Gallup) where students can learn their top 5 strengths and learn how to utilize them. The thing that I look forward to also is the artwork. Lots of paints, lots of messes, and lots of fun! My team made the most signs before the students started and I hope that my new team will do the same this summer. I’ll post some pictures when we start painting.Cleda


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