Meet your Colleagues: Katherine in San Francisco

Name: Katherine Corkery
Site: San Francisco (University High)
School attending: Northwestern University
Returning teacher?: New Teacher
Class(es) teaching: 7th grade English + co-curricular

As the starting date for teacher training and orientation draws nearer, I find myself thinking about the work that I am will be doing more frequently—and with increasing excitement and nervousness. Being new to the program, I don’t quite know what to expect from the experience. What expectations will the students have? What goals will they set for themselves? What will I need to do in order to help them achieve those goals? What types of personalities will I encounter? How will the students challenge me? These are just a few of the questions racing through my mind.
Excitement is there too, though. I’ve worked as a nanny for middle school children for the past year and had the chance to teach a 5th grade class Sunday school. Both of these jobs, while challenging, were tremendous fun. As I grew more comfortable in each position and the kids grew more comfortable with me, I was able to see their personalities more fully and get to know them better. I was able to establish friendly working relationships with these kids and foster an environment in which they felt I was someone they could trust and respect. We also had a lot of fun. I am hoping that these experiences will serve me well as I prepare to teach for Breakthrough Collaborative next month. If nothing else, my past work with kids has taught me one thing: to expect anything!
-Katherine Corkery


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