Meet your Colleagues: Kevin in San Jose

Name: Kevin Jackson
Site: San Jose
School attending: Dartmouth College
Returning teacher?: New Teacher
Class(es) teaching:
8th Grade Literature

Why will i teach?

I am a lucky guy. I’ve been blessed with opportunity. Monday, the streets of Caracas, Venezuela (where I’m from) exploded with student led protests. The government closed an opposition TV station, and little by little is taking the country on the route to “21st Socialism”, whatever that means. My friends who have been out protesting and swallowing tear gas tell me that if things don’t change there will be no opportunity for them in the future. People are scared, many have left the country in the past years but the half of the my country that is poor and uneducated will not have that chance. This government, which is autocratic and divisive, swept to power on the resentment of those people who have toiled away without ever escaping poverty. A dismal education system and the lack of a good committed government (instead of the long line of corrupt ones) has allowed them no opportunities. Sadly this government will also provide them with none.

Granted, Venezuela is not the US, but one thing that unites both countries is the lack of opportunity for the disadvantaged (albeit the disadvantage are exponentially more numerous in my own country) . Education is opportunity. I want to teach because I want to live in a world where everybody, no matter under what socio-economic circumstances he or she was born has the opportunity, if they work hard enough, to attend an Ivy League institution like I do. I think Breakthrough is a great effort in that direction, and I am overjoyed that I have been selected because I was deemed capable and educated enough to make a difference in someone’s life. Most Venezuelans aren’t as lucky.



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