Meet your Colleagues: Michael in Fort Worth

Name: Michael Ramos-Lynch
Site: Fort Worth
School attending: Fort Worth Country Day School
Returning teacher?: New Teacher
Class(es) teaching:
Social studies, possibly mock trial (pending approval of my lesson)

The last few weeks at Brown have been quite stressful, as I have been working very hard to finish my finals. I finished my last one this morning and immediately after I hurried back to my room so I could watch the DVD that Breakthrough sent to me. It is a compilation of memorable moments from the Breakthrough program at Fort Worth County Day School, the school in which I embark on what I hope to be an epic pedagogical journey: teaching social studies to middle school students.As I saw the students and teachers who participated in last year’s program, I couldn’t help but imagine what my fellow teachers and students will be like. Where are they from? What are their passions and aspirations? What do they look like? Do they like the Spurs, the Mavericks or the Rockets? In addition to wondering what the other breakthrough participants will be like, I wonder what my students will think of my teaching. Though I have many goals for myself in regard to this summer at Breakthrough; such as making new friends, refreshing my knowledge of middle school level social studies and learning how to teach – my main goal is to inspire my students. In addition to teaching them facts about international relations, geography, government, and son – I want to facilitate a great sense of pride, ambition and opportunity in my classroom. I hope to help my students increase their knowledge of facts and improve their critical thinking skills; but most of all, I hope to be an integral part of an environment that embraces the students’ drives and shows them that success breeds in those who perpetually challenge themselves and pursue their dreams.

Michael Ramos-Lynch ’09
Political Science

3 Responses to Meet your Colleagues: Michael in Fort Worth

  1. Cleda says:

    Go MAVS! Can’t wait to see you June 6th! Get ready for some aweeesome fun at our site…

    P.S. In regards to Bobby’s comment about the Mavs…I wouldn’t call the Warriors a team because they fell out just as fast….

  2. Bobby Cupp says:

    As a Warriors fan, I wouldn’t necessarily call the Mavericks a “Basketball Team”

  3. Jamie says:

    Prepare yourself– Some of your co-workers may have only recently learned that the Spurs, the Mavericks, and the Rockets were the names of basketball teams. 🙂

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