Meet your Colleagues: Rachel in Manchester

Name: Rachel E. Coffin
Site: Manchester
School attending: Tufts
Returning teacher?: New Teacher
Class(es) teaching: I’ll be teaching 7th grade English and a class called “The Grimm Truth” which is a class on Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Hi everyone, I’m Rachel, and I will be blogging this summer about my Breakthrough Collaborative experiences. I recently finished my freshman year at Tufts University, where I am a double major in Drama and English. Originally, I’m from Manchester, NH, and this will be my first summer teaching for Summerbridge Manchester, our chapter of the Breakthrough Collaborative program. Although I do not yet know what I will be teaching this summer, I am so excited to get started. A few weeks ago we had our family orientation, where the new and returning students came to take their math placement test and sign up for classes. I was assigned to proctor one of the classrooms for the math test, so I got my first chance to talk with the students, and later, their parents. The day made me even more excited for this summer! A few nights ago, we also had a potluck dinner for the teachers who are local to Manchester. We all shared great food, got to know each other, and we were given the day count for how many days until we begin our training week. This was also our first brainstorming and discussion session about our theme for this summer. And while I can’t speak for other Breakthrough Collaborative sites, I can tell you all that choosing the theme for Summerbridge Manchester is an EXTREMELY intense process–but a really exciting one as well. We came up with a huge list of ideas, which we narrowed down to just under 15. It will be exciting to see which theme our site will eventually choose! That’s it for now. I look forward to blogging this summer all about my experiences. Good luck to everyone preparing for this summer!

Have a great day,


One Response to Meet your Colleagues: Rachel in Manchester

  1. Rachel Cholst says:

    I just took a class about fairy tales. Let me know if you want some of my notes.

    – Rachel (

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