Meet your Colleagues: Skyler in Manchester

Name: Skyler Mosenthal
Site: Manchester
School attending: Denison University
Returning teacher? First time
Class(es) teaching:
English, Nutrition



It’s that feeling you get right before the whistle blows to start that biggest game of the year or the most important race of the season or the most prestigious concert/dance performance you’ve ever been to.

You have felt it before I’m sure; excitement, joy, fear, hope, anticipation, the adrenaline rush. You have an idea of what to expect but you have no idea what is going to actually happen once you get out there. Each day brings the Manchester program a little bit closer, and I know I will soon be getting that familiar feeling.

I have heard and read so many things about Breakthrough over these past few months that I have come to have another feeling, or expectation of greatness. However, I cannot say what form it will take, whether it be the most impressive essay I’ve ever read by a 7th grader, or just to get the shy student to come out of his or her shell. I believe that success and accomplishment comes in different measured amounts and I hope that I will have the chance to inspire and witness both first hand. My only concern upon entering this journey would be failing to live up to the students’ expectations and needs. I know I will make mistakes. I know that I will be learning just as much from the students as they will be learning from me. But I hope that I will be able to show them how to think in new ways. I hope I will be able to cultivate a motivation in them that will instill confidence, creativity, and open-mindedness in their everyday lives, whether it be in the classroom or anywhere else.



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