Meet your Colleagues: Ezra in Cambridge

Name: Ezra Fishman
Site: Cambridge
School attending: Brandeis University
Returning teacher? New Teacher
Class(es) teaching:
6th grade math, mock trial elective

I expect to work hard this summer. Based on the preparatory assignments I have received, I already see how much it takes to provide students with rigorous, age-appropriate, skills-based material that will prepare them for success in middle school, high school, and beyond. Working with middle school kids from disadvantaged backgrounds will be a challenge, especially since I have little experience in education and in working with this age group. Because of these challenges, I worry that I will fail to motivate students and fail to provide them with tools they need to succeed academically. My main hope is to reach that goal of motivating and providing tools for future success. I also hope to learn about this important demographic and forge relationships with the students and fellow staff, who promise to be a bright and special group of people. A friend who introduced me to this program assured me I will have a great summer, and I expect to work toward that.



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