Meet your Colleagues: Mark in New Haven

Name: Mark Samburg
Site: New Haven
School attending: Brandeis University (Starting Harvard Law in the fall!)
Returning teacher? 2nd year – returning to New Haven
Class(es) teaching:
Math and History


Somewhere in the whirlwind of moving back into my house after the end of college, I found a pile of my unopened mail from the last few weeks of the school year. The sight of a thick envelope from Breakthrough was a welcome sight–last year’s program was the best part of my year, and I’m excited to jump back into it.

One of my very favorite students from last year has graduated, which has left me wondering exactly what to expect from this summer; in many ways, my entire experience last year was embodied in my relationship with this student. Watching him grow in his enthusiasm for class material, his willingness to participate, and his dedication to daily work was the thing that, above anything else, inspired me to come back for one more summer with the program. Will I encounter another student exactly like him? Absolutely not. But what I know I will encounter is fifty students who are as gifted, and who will, at least by the end of the program, be as enthusiastic about the day-to-day excitement of the program.

I’m going into the summer with one overarching goal. Yes, I want my students to walk away with a firm grasp on systems of simultaneous equations and the ability to write a strong historical research paper. And yes, I want to do everything I can to make each and every day of their experience as spirited and exciting as it can possibly be. But above all, I hope that in three months, some, or better yet, all of my students have been inspired–whether it’s by me or another member of our AMAZING faculty–and that they’ve become excited about something in one of their classes, or excited about learning in general. I think that’s the best thing we can hope to do for our students this summer. I can’t wait to get back in the classroom!

I can’t wait to get back in the classroom!



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