Meet your Colleagues: Amanda in Miami

Name: Amanda Machado
Site: Miami
School attending: Brown University
Returning teacher? New Teacher
Class(es) teaching:
8th Grade English, Chair of English Department


A few weeks ago, when I officially finished my freshman year at Brown University, I could only think of one thing: “No kid should ever miss out on the opportunity to experience what I did”. It seems fitting that this summer I’ll be teaching at Summerbridge Miami, encouraging students to not give up on education and reassuring them that schools like Brown are a possibility.

My mother works as a spanish teacher in the public school system, so I am very aware of how hard this job can be. With little teaching experience and a position of that demands responsibility and organization, to say that I’m nervous would be an understatement. Dependent clauses, coordinating conjunctions …. in a few short weeks, I’ll have to not only know it all, but be able to teach it all, while at the same time trying to lead the English department in the right direction.

But even with these anxieties, I am embracing the challenge. Besides, I am hoping that the best things I teach my students can not be learned in a textbook. In addition to past participles and irregular verbs, I want to teach them the power of education and the opportunities that await them if they have the courage to try. My mother used to say that “Education is the great equalizer” and if I can use this message to encourage my students to succeed, then I will know that I have as well.

Amanda Machado


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