Meet your Colleagues: Ijeoma in Minneapolis

Name: Ijeoma Njaka
Site: Minneapolis
School attending: Brown University
Returning teacher? 2nd year – returning to Minneapolis
Class(es) teaching:
A math class called “Thinking About Money,” focusing on economic applications and theories. My first term elective class will be on animation and comic art


Hey, Team. I’m Ijeoma (said “ee-JO-ma”), a rising junior at Brown University in Providence. But, I’m from Minnesota and will be starting my second summer at the Minneapolis Breakthough site.

Overall, I’m both anxious and excited about the upcoming summer. The biggest thing I’m nervous about is what my lesson plans are going to look like. I taught a math class last summer, too, so I appreciate the challenge in teaching math and making it exciting. But, that class was about math and movies, so I was able to play off of something that wasn’t mathematical in nature for my planning. One thing I do want to try, though, is to better incorporate different learning styles (key word for any teacher-in-training: differentiation!); for example, I think it would be really cool if I could somehow incorporate musical learning into economics. Again, I’m curious about how my planning is going to develop.

Last summer, there were some things that I had a hard time getting used to (ie, working full time for the first time, being in front of a classroom). Hopefully, I will spend a significantly smaller amount of time with that in the next few weeks. I’m both excited and nervous about meeting the newer students and catching up with the returning ones. I can be a little shy sometimes, but I hope that my familiarity here will allow me to overcome that.

Finally, at the Minneapolis site, we also play a lot of Tip (which I think is called Taps in other places). I’m definitely excited about getting back to that, too…

See you soon,




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