Meet your Colleagues: Jarod in Austin

Name: Jarod Hightower-Mills
School attending:
Claremont-McKenna College
Returning teacher?:
Returning to Austin after a year off
Class(es) teaching:
English and Curtain Call (exploration)

I am really afraid of being a returner after leaving the site for a summer. There has been a lot of changes in the staff and execution of the program, and I am afraid I am going to crave “the good ol’ days” like my students’ in 2005. This summer has great potential. I am really excited about teaching a strong creative writing based curriculum this summer. Although I loved teaching math my first summer, my skills as a French major are much more attuned to communication and expression through words. I am also very excited about chairing the Values in Action committee. Encouraging students to take positive risk is so important, and I want to see this BT community to continue to see growth in this very important area. Alors, c’est tout.

Sincerely yours,
Jarod HM


One Response to Meet your Colleagues: Jarod in Austin

  1. Bobby Cupp says:


    A lot will be different, but the core values are still there, and you’ll be energized by the new expectations and the new kids. They’ll be glad to have your expertise on site, too.

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