Meet your Colleagues: Hannah in Miami

Name: Hannah Fitzpatrick
School attending:
Barnard College
Returning teacher?:
New Teacher
Class(es) teaching:
7th Grade English/Improvisation

In just a few days, I’ll be leaving my home in San Francisco and my family for Miami, Florida, where I will be teaching seventh grade English and co-teaching Improvisation at Ransom Everglades School with Breakthrough Miami! Aside from the occasional swim lesson, I haven’t taught much of anything to anyone, and I’m more nervous than I expected to be when I originally accepted a position with BT Miami.

I’m not sure exactly what to expect. I know that I will be joining almost sixty other teachers upon my arrival in Miami, and I know that I will be living in one of the hottest (and most humid) cities in the country. I know that I care about education and that I can’t imagine doing anything else with my summer, but the rest is speculation.

I guess it’s time to open my mind and finish my six-week plan (I have four weeks, condensed into two pages of lined paper). I am terribly proud to be a part of such a huge network of educators and I can’t wait to begin my summer!



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