Meet your Colleagues: Candice in Cambridge

Name: Candice McCray
School attending:
Pomona College
Returning teacher?:
New Teacher
Class(es) teaching:
6th and 7th grade Literature and Social Studies


Participating in Breakthrough this summer brings together many firsts for me. It will be my first time leaving California, my first flight, and most importantly my first experience teaching. I am originally from Inglewood, California and come from a small close knit family. My school, Pomona College, is about 45 minutes away from my home so I never felt the anxiety that many people felt their freshmen year. Preparing to teach literature and social studies in Cambridge this summer is the most anxious I have ever been. Not only do I have all the usual questions and doubts of a Breakthrough teacher like wondering if my students will like me but I am also worrying about riding in an airplane and finding my way from Logan Airport to my apartment. While I am more nervous than words can express I am filled with an intense excitement. I have the chance to teach my own class, to be a role model, and to make lasting connections. By the end of the summer I expect to have learned more from my students and my experience than I will ever be able to teach.


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