Meet your Colleagues: Mu in Cambridge

Name: Mu Abeledo
School attending:
Wesleyan University
Returning teacher?:
New Teacher
Class(es) teaching:
Science (Global Warming) and Math


A couple of days ago I finished a draft of my Climate Change course outline, as well as drafts of daily lesson plans and of the final project for my 7th grade math class on measurement. I’m thankful for this Teacher Homework, it will definetely help me out in the first weeks of BT. Right now, I’m anxious to see what my Mentor Teachers think of my drafts. I’m especially attached to my Climate Change outline: it’s all I could think about for a week! I feel like I could make a good case for why any topic in the outline is important to cover, but I’m sure that I might have to take a major Reality Check: considering field trips and other events, the class only meets around 15 times! Also, I’m not quite convinced that all of the topics are age accessible, and I could include more fun, thinking-out-of-the-box activities. Ideas like getting my safari gear on, and starting the class saying that we are going on a wild learning adventure, are definetely lacking. Pre-planning for Breakthorugh, with just my lap-top, I can’t tell if that’s a corny thing to do or not! I’m sure that orientation will be a good time to work out the creative vs. corny kinks, by bouncing off ideas with my fellow teachers.


One Response to Meet your Colleagues: Mu in Cambridge

  1. Anonymous says:

    Putting on safari gear is so Breakthrough 🙂

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