Meet your Colleagues: Chris in San Juan Capistrano

Name: Chris Diaz
San Juan Capistrano
School attending:
University of Texas – Austin
Returning teacher?:
Long-time veteran
Class(es) teaching:
8th Grade History


As oppose to being overwhelmed with worry take comfort in the fact that your support will be overwhelming. Rest assured that this summer you will receive a tremendous amount of support to accomplish your objectives in the classroom. Fellow teachers will keep you acountable and your desire to succeed will be further motivated by the efforts you witness from your students. Your Program Director and other paid staff, including Mentor Teachers, will continuously and consistently provide you with the academic tools to excel as an instructor. Know that you have been selected to teach for this program because you already possess the skills and knowledge that will allow for you to contribute to a revolutionary educational system. Throughout this country Breakthrough is making a difference in the lives of our youth. As a former teacher, I am confident that this program will change your life as you will be the catalyst responsible for change in the lives of others. This is going to be the best summer of your life…



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