Lessons Learned So Far: Cleda in Fort Worth

Training this year (round 2 for me) has been awesome. The new teachers are so awesome! The returners have had so much fun in being resources/guides for the new teachers. Lesson Planning has been simple this year due to experience. Luckily, I saved my binder of lesson plans from the previous summer. (HINT: ASK RETURNERS!) I definitely changed most of the plans for the first week as I conferred with the rest of my department. Difficult is coming up with new types of activities that will not be boring/over-done. We just turned in our lesson plans Friday morning and mine were approved and ready to go. I have already made my copies and I’m really excited about Monday! As far as tips for colleagues:

  1. Utilize returners! They’ve taught before and probably have their lesson plans done or examples from their previous summer(s). They are helpful and would love to help you too.
  2. Utilize department chairs and/or mentor teachers! Their leadership position is made to help teachers out with curriculum planning.
  3. Don’t be worried about anything. Stay focused and excited! Ideas rush in, in due time! 🙂

Other than that…painting has been so much fun. I’ll definitely have to post up pictures of all of our signs and pictures from training. Until next time….

Go Tigers! (I love my team + students!)



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