Lessons Learned So Far: Rapid Fire Edition

Hannah in Miami:

The ideal lesson plan will never be executed. This is a truth of the Universe. While we may have brilliant ideas (whether they are entirely original or borrowed from another source), they don’t always fly, and often the logistics, resources, and time (what more can I say about time?) are not in your favor. I have learned this past week to use your colleagues, especially those in your department. If someone’s making a worksheet, hand it out to everybody. If another teacher is using your classroom, share rules and bathroom policies. I know many of you were aware of this long ago, but I thought I could do all of these small, seemingly minor things on my own. Now I know I don’t have to.

Michelle in Cincinnati:

The students come on Tuesday and I have been busy making my lesson plans. The hardest thing for me is making them creative…but I have found that my co-teachers are a great resource and always seem to have some good ideas. Good luck to everyone!

Brittany in New Orleans:

In terms of lesson planning and teaching, I have learned and am continuing to learn a lot. In general, this material has to be made fun by me or else my kids will not want to be there in my classroom. I am teaching math and science. So, it was initially challenging attempting to catch everyone up in the first week that needed to be caught up, while trying to keep it interesting for those who already knew these things. After having my students take diagnostic tests, I recognized how much review I needed and how to edit my lesson plan. While it may be slightly frustrating to adjust a lesson plan, I know that my kids definitely appreciate it.

Laura in San Juan Cap:

Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning pretty much make up my evenings these days. With so many topics and standards to choose from it’s a hard enough task simply narrowing the choices down to a realistic set of learning goals for the students, nevermind choosing what approach to use for the actual lessons! Breakthrough is great though, everything and so much more than I had hoped for. Now we just start counting down the days til the students arrive!! (June 25th!!)


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