Meet your Colleagues: Raymond at DC’s Launch

Name: Raymond Orque
Site: Washington DC
School attending: University of California – Davis
Returning teacher? Yes. I taught at San Jose in 2005 and 2006.
Class(es) teaching: Literature/Writing, Study Skills Elective

As you know, Breakthrough is starting it’s 29th program this summer, serving a handful of students in the nation’s capital. Raymond, a longtime veteran got a chance to help get Breakthrough DC off the ground. Here is his first dispatch from the field.

Washington DC: The capitol of the United States and the newest Breakthrough site. I am nervous yet excited about being part of the founding staff. I have much to contribute with my experience. Yet, I expect to learn from my students, while making a positive impact on their lives and having fun teaching.

My experience provides me the comfort of knowing what I am getting into:

for example, lesson planning, working closely with students, bonding with the staff, and devoting myself wholly to the program. I cannot wait to empower my fellow teachers with the Breakthrough spirit. However, because each group of students is different, I will continue to challenge myself to think critically: What would be an effective and creative method to reflect on the story? How can I encourage enthusiasm about literature? How will I teach vocabulary?

Overall, I know that this summer will be unforgettable. I am confident that I will make a difference in the lives of my students.


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