Lessons Learned So Far: Katherine in SF

Having successfully gotten through the first four days of orientation has made me excited to begin classes on Wednesday! I didn’t know what to expect coming into the orientation this week, and I still have many questions about what comes next with the teaching, but I am now completely certain that I will have an amazing time.

I am so pleased with the people I have met so far–intelligent, kind, helpful, and enthusiastic about what is to come. Their energy has grown on me and I feel like I can say with relative certainty that I have caught the fever that I noticed my first day of orientation.

The big thing that lies between now and the start of classes is finalizing my lesson plan. At University High School in San Francisco, all of the math and english classes are head taught by professional teachers and we work as teaching assistants under their guidance. On Thursday I met my master teacher, Meghan, and I am thrilled at the prospect of working with her this summer. Getting to share ideas with her and hearing a great deal of feedback from her has made the lesson planning process much easier than I anticipated. Our six week plan revolves around strengthening our students writing skills by having them work on a series of persuasive paragraphs about the book The Skin I’m In. The class will culminate with a mock trial in which the students will present their arguments before a jury of teachers. The majority of class time will be spent on strengthening writing skills, reviewing mechanics, and enhancing vocabulary. Meghan and I meet again on Monday to finalize the first few lessons of our summer.
After that, we go into our final prep before students arrive on Wednesday… I can’t wait!
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