Week 1: Skyler in Manchester – First, the Fun Part

Staff training: Day One

“On your marks, get set, STAMPEDE!” You would certainly not be able to find a more energetic, vocal, early-morning, half-crazed group of teachers-to-be sprint up to your car only to lovingly encircle you in a welcome cheer unheard of since the days of Ancient Rome! Such began my first day of staff training in Manchester, NH. But little did I know, the excitement had only just begun. The staff directors and returning veteran teachers had a jam-packed day planned for the Manchester 2007 group to meet, greet, laugh, learn, and fill us with a desire to jump in the classroom on the spot. The day was filled with a variety of workshops, a tour of the campus, introductory committee skits, sleep-away camp styled cheers, lesson planning insight, and a pot-luck lunch that would have the Iron Chef on his knees.

When all was said and done for day one, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and promise in the people who have gathered here to strive to provide the excellent educational opportunity to the students who will be arriving in one week and live the vision of the Breakthrough Collaborative.

On top of all the thought-provoking training, my host family is phenomenal (dogs and cats included!), and I’ve only been here for two days!



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