Hannah in Miami: Computers, Origami, and More Surprises

After a week and a half of teaching, I am in utter shock. And my shock comes not so much from the expected aspects of this job but from many little moments that add up very quickly.

For example, many of my students have difficulty using a computer, especially the internet, often because they lack these resources at home.

They take such a long time to type an assignment in class, and I have learned to appreciate the time they put into an essay when it is handed in, completed and typed.

My students are as diverse as their handwritings. One of my students is difficult to have in class because he has trouble focusing. He can’t seem to finish his homework, he is always distracted, and he tends to talk out of turn without realizing it. This student shared with me a few days ago his newfound love of origami, which he discovered last week in his Mandarin class. I have since noticed that he excels at Mandarin and he enjoys it as well.

This is where you all come in: I would love some help in devising an English project that will utilize this student’s talent for paper-folding.

I want to give him the opportunity to teach the class how to make origami cranes. If anybody has any ideas or a good website or book, please share!

This boy is itching to be a leader.


(here is a photo of two students in my village, on Pajama Day during spirit week)


Teachers: if you have a tip, feel free to comment below, or send me a note to pass along to Hannah.


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