Early Surprises: Kevin in San Jose

I was very happy to stand in front of my class the first day and finally see these guys for which i spent a truly hectic training week (who knew lesson planning was so much work!!)We are reading about immigration in my class, it’s a great topic since all my kids are either first or second generation immigrants. Some of them were excitedly sharing stories about their parents escaping violence or poverty in search of a new life in the United States. That day i decided to read their files to get to know them better. These kids are inspiring. All of them want to be first generation college students.

They have big aspirations, and they are eager and enthusiastic.

One girl wrote about how she could not go to Mexico to meet her extended family because her parents were here illegally, and how happy she was when her family came to visit her. She wants to be a lawyer to work with illegal immigrants and help her community. Another girl would like to be an “actress/photojournalist” or if that fails a “small business owner”. It’s heartening to think that maybe some day they will achieve their dreams thanks to their own hard work and programs like Breakthrough.So, while i may end my work day at around 6 pm (if leaving the site to go do some lesson planning at home can be called leaving!), the tiredness is nothing compared to that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from making even the tiniest of difference in these kids’ lives.



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