Laura in SJC – Surprising First Week Breakthrough

On the very first day one of my advisees gave me quite the run for my money. I left school frustrated and exasperated about how to deal with this student’s behavior. However, before the student got onto the bus we discussed the role of leaders in our school, and the concept of leading in the right direction when given the responsibility of leadership.

It has been amazing (and inspiring) the turn-around this student has made in only two days.

The “kudos” this student receives during our faculty meeting come not only from me, but from fellow teachers, and even our mentor teachers. This student began school on day one by not participating and creating distractions in the classroom, but now offers incredible insight to class discussions and truly leads his peers in the right direction.


This change in the student’s behavior has had a ripple effect on a large portion of our 8th grade community – This has been my Week One surprise, and I don’t think I could have asked for any better surprise!

San Juan Capistrano


One Response to Laura in SJC – Surprising First Week Breakthrough

  1. chris says:

    I wish I knew which student you were talking about Laura…

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