Cleda in Forth Worth: Spirit Week

Well, this past week was SPIRIT WEEK! It was awesome! My kids were all amazing. On Spirit Day, we had a dance competition between teams. I was worried about several of my students because they told me that they did not want to dance. They also gave me vibes that they didn’t want to do much as far as helping the team. But on Thursday and Friday, those kids opened up and all participated. They totally surprised me with their participation. One of them, who originally was negative about dancing, stood up to the plate and helped other students by leading a group in dancing to “Thriller.” I am so proud of my team! Also, we were Team of the Day and presented All School Meeting. All of the kids were great in projecting and they memorized their parts!

One of my kids, memorized and recited two paragraphs about Nikola Tesla (Leader of the Day). The Administration later approached me and told me that they were really proud of my team and hope that other teams model us as far as projection and not reading off of papers. Our team dynamics is amazing. The students have realized that they are a diverse team and that when they work together, they know how to help each other in order for the team to advance. I have students who are quiet but open up when they realize that they want to. I have kids who are not necessarily the class clown, but they break the silence in class and during team time. I have students who are so inquisitive that they raise their hands before while they are thinking of questions that are out of the box. I have never seen such a wonderful group work together and improve so much in just two weeks.

They are excited about the next team competition: 7th Grade Fun Day (Field Day)! My team has surprised me to have great expectations. Time has gone by extremely fast. Until next time, hope you are all having a wonderful time teaching.

Cleda Wang
*Go Princeton Tigers!*


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