Life After Breakthrough: Grown Up Jobs

I know you’re just getting comfortable with your summer work, but it’s not too early to start thinking about your Life After Breakthrough. Many of you are recently graduated from college, and the rest of you (hopefully) plan on graduating in the next few years. You are going to need to do something with yourselves.

Find work. Pursue a career. Start paying off your loans.

Your work this summer will definitely look good on a resume, but that’s nothing compared to the legit leadership and professional experience you’re accruing right now. We hire a lot of professional staff and look at resumes here at Breakthrough all the time. Phrases like “effective in high-stress environments,” “quick-thinking,” “management qualities,” and “willing to step up” are all things we like to see.

Frankly, any job you actually want is going to have its high-stress periods, is going to ask you to use your brain, work with others, and will reward ambition. Be able to prove your ability to excel.

The other thing that matters when you’re interviewing for that dream job is to have a few key stories handy to illustrate your efficiency, leadership, creativity, and strength. When your 8 weeks are up, you’ll have plenty. Write them down.

Breakthrough is giving you an awful lot for your career. All Breakthrough asks is that you give a little back in return.

Many of you plan to become teachers. Work in low-performing schools, or at least in schools that serve underresourced kids. Others want to enter another profession, law, medicine, business, etc. Remember to give your free time to those who need it (keep in touch with your Breakthrough director). Still others want to be in the business of making organizations like Breakthrough work. Non-profit administration is a booming field with opportunities to grow, to develop, and to make a real difference on a large scale.

I’ll be letting you know about classroom jobs at revolutionary partner schools, and positions in the non-profit field with organizations we respect (and more than a few with us!). Your Breakthrough experience will mean a lot, and it’s a major part of our mission that you end up making America a better place for its children.

So, Grads, keep an eye on this space and your e-mail for more opportunities. If you’ll be losing your campus e-mail address soon, send me a note with a permanent contact so we can stay in touch. Undergrads and High Schoolers, this is a good chance for you to consider your options. The network is a great way to ask all the important questions to help you make your decision.


Confused? Join the club. Breakthrough’s own Amber Rosenberg is featured in this Washington Post piece about the post-college malaise, and ways to figure it out.


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