2007 Spirit Stick Contest: Breakthrough Spirit Is…..

I’ve already mentioned this to your directors, but I wanted to put it on your respective radar screens as well.

The Breakthrough National Spirit Stick. To some it is only a myth, a story told to inspire and push students and teachers to greatness. To some lucky few, it is a constant reminder of a great achievement in Breakaliciousness. The 2007 Spirit Stick is now up for grabs, ready to be snatched by any who are brave enough to accept the challenge.

Showcase your spirit on video, show what Breakthrough spirit means to your students and teachers, and get a shot at the second annual Breakthrough Collaborative Spirit Stick. The boastful winners of last year’s contest, Sacramento, have thrown down the gauntlet, and I know that many of you are primed to pick it up and wave it back in their faces.

This is the prompt:

  • Breakthrough Spirit is….
    • Intellectual Spirit (challenging your brain)
    • Service Spirit (giving back to those that need it)
    • Community Spirit (respecting and appreciating your team, school, family, and neighborhood)

This is the task:

  • Create a video showing how your students define/perform this conception of Breakthrough Spirit. Most likely, you will show students and teachers finishing the sentence (“Breakthrough Spirit is…”) with a phrase or an image that illustrates the idea.
  • Get the video to me by August 3. You can e-mail the video (if it’s small enough), send it on a DVD to me here at National, or post it to YouTube/Google Video. We are not submitting this to Sundance or anything, so video production quality is not of the essence. Videos can be as easily created on cell phones and digital cameras as on video cameras. For questions about submitting videos, please write or call me.

These are the rules:

  • No more than 5 minutes of video.
  • Key word: “inspiring.”
  • As these videos will be showcased to National audiences, we are asking for “Breakthrough Spirit,” as opposed to “Summerbridge Spirit.”
  • Your video must address all 3 forms of Spirit listed above (Intellect, Service, Community).

The winner of the 2007 Spirit Stick will receive the lovingly-crafted 2007 stick itself (Adolfo, Sacramento’s Director, can attest to the awesomeness), as well as a national showcase for your site.

Each site will submit one video, and your director may already be on top of this, but if you’re interested, I want you to bring it up at your staff meeting. This is a good chance to show off, and address the core of the work with your colleagues and kids. Any questions about the 2007 Spirit Stick can be directed to Bobby at bcupp@breakthroughcollaborative.org.


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