Skyler in Manchester: Here come the kids!

You never quite understand how nerve wracking the first day of school is until you are a teacher. Then again, it could not have been more fun! We had our first day of classes on Monday this week. Being a first time teacher, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but the kids turned out to be great. Even 50 minutes of class time didn’t seem like quite the impassable hurdle that I had secretly imagined. In fact, I was surprised to find myself struggling the rest of the week to cover everything I wanted to do with the students in just 50 short minutes! Whereas lesson planning seemed to be the challenge last week, packing in all the pointers and guidance I can to enable students to top the mountain of skill mastery in the short time we have every day has become the formidable task I face for the next five weeks.

However, the students have already jumped right in. In my nutrition class we were discussing the roots words behind the term ‘carbohydrate.’ After nailing Carbon for ‘carbo’ one of the girls in my class caught on when I asked the class to think about where they had heard the word ‘hydrate’ before. “It has to be hydrogen and oxygen because water is H2O!” she exclaimed. Then the one boy in my class who must be the most inquisitive need-to-know-the-answer-or-his-head-will-explode twelve year old I know gasps, “It’s so SIMPLE!” while clutching the sides of his head with both hands. If that isn’t an AHA moment for you, I don’t know what is. This job rocks.


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