Ray in DC: The Closing Stretch

Is it Week 6 already? Since my last blog, Breakthrough DC had the Field Trip, Career Day, Community Service day, and the Olympics! Yet, I know that I am not alone in wondering where the time went.

I have gone down this road twice before. I know what goes on during the last week with the kids: amidst teaching, there is planning and rehearsal for Celebration, final projects, and saying goodbye. Having done Breakthrough before, I learned to prepare all the logistics for the week far in advance. That frees me to appreciate the remaining time with my students both inside and outside the classroom. Although I know ‘the drill of the end,’ I will still have a hard time saying goodbye. I will miss teaching them, laughing with them and playing games like “Big Money” and “Bunny Bunny.”

The students here in D.C. have shown enthusiasm and excitement for all aspects of Breakthrough, including their classes. They demonstrated high levels of spirit, and there is an energy surrounding them every day. They taught me, a native Californian, about aspects of D.C. culture like go-go music and “the Rec.” I feel and see the Breakthrough spirit here in Washington D.C.!

On another note, one of the largest differences in my experience here has been laying out the structure of the program. Before, I took for granted the fact that all procedures and policies were in place. It has been quite challenging as we continue to establish new policies and paperwork and utilize new methods in creating a lasting structure for the program. Also, the staff of seven teachers handles a lot of responsibilities. For example, where a committee of seven teachers usually heads the planning of Celebration, we all have a large role in its planning and execution.

Our motto has been “Excellence from the start.” I know that Breakthrough D.C. will excel through the end of its first summer of operation!


One Response to Ray in DC: The Closing Stretch

  1. chris says:

    I was a founding teacher at Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano and I just want to extend to you a congrats for what you and the six other teachers are doing in D.C. Starting anything is difficult and challenging but from what I am reading yall(I’m from Texas) sound like things are going great. When you feel passionately about something excellence is a product of your love…BT SJC WE GOT SPIRIT YES WE DO WE GOT SPIRIT HOW ABOUT YOU!?!

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