2007 Spirit Stick: Our Proud Winners

After some soul-searching, careful deliberation, and speedy tech support for the Breakthrough National Staff, we are ready to announce the winners of the 2007 Breakthrough National Spirit Stick.

To refresh your respective memories, we asked you to submit short videos illustrating the Breakthrough Spirit in the forms of Intellect, Service, and Community. We were thrilled to see submissions from Breakthrough DC, Breakthrough at Kent Denver, Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano, and Breakthrough Santa Fe.

Without further ado, the proud new owner of the beautiful 2007 Breakthrough Spirit Stick, hand crafted by talented National interns Sofia (SF ’06) and Stephanie (Sac ’05, HK ’06), is

Breakthrough at Kent Denver!!!!

See the fine work of those Redfords of the Rockies, those Martin Scorseses of the Mountains, those Coppolas of Colorado here:

Tell them what they’ve won:

  • This lovely Spirit Stick:
  • Prominent display at National events throughout the year.
  • The admiration of the Collab.

Yup. All those things.

Major Kudos to all of the contestants, to be displayed in the coming days.

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