Ed in ’08 trying to shake things up (no, not a guy named Ed…)

Looks like Kanye West has been up to more than just competing with 50 Cent for record sales. Kanye has partnered with Strong American Schools for their Ed in ‘08 campaign, which we’ve mentioned before on TeachBreakthroughs. This is a nonpartisan effort to make education the #1 priority in the next presidential election—very Breaky.

It seems like every presidential hopeful wants the same thing for American children—“the best education possible”—but that’s pretty vague, which is why Ed in ‘08 is trying to get the candidates say exactly what they will do and how they will do it. Since the campaign was started in the spring, it’s goten a lot of attention on some different blogs, and hopefully it will get more and more attention as time goes on.

Ed in ’08 definitely has a lot to do with Breakthrough, so post your comments below. Then, if you want, you can help them out by signing their petition. We’ll keep you updated as the campaign continues its action, so keep your eyes out for another post sometime soon.

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