What REALLY matters about college (& how that answer might change over time)

Infographic by Yokoland


The New York Times finds that most people have a different perspective on what matters about college looking back on their experience than they did when they were filling out their applications.

The Times interviewed alumni from three schools that are geographically and institutionally dissimilar and came away with one take-home message: CHILL OUT! Nearly everyone enjoyed their college experience no matter what college they went to or how they got there.

Check out the article (the above link). It has a bunch of interesting information about the factors of college life, regrets graduates have about college, what drew them to the college they attended, etc. If we at Breakthrough did a similar study with all our past teachers, we’d have more information that we’d know what to do with. And we’d probably find that our sample of interviewees was somehow biased toward their summer experiences


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