Nothing makes for better humor than federal education policy!

I don’t think Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings really wrote this.

From the very-education-friendly people at McSweeney’s Publishing:


BTW, McSweeney’s is an uber-hip publishing company (founded by Dave Eggers and supported by everyone from Breakthrough teacher Daniel Handler to David Sedaris) that supports the growing network of “826” centers around the country. At 826 Valencia (SF), 826 LA, 826 NYC, 826 Michigan (Ann Arbor), 826 Boston, and 826 Chicago, kids can come in to these totally fun environments to receive free writing tutoring and workshops from talented, dedicated volunteers. If you’re near an 826 (and you’re not already working at a Breakthrough site), I urge you to sign up. Totally Breaky.

2 Responses to Nothing makes for better humor than federal education policy!

  1. Bobby Cupp says:

    Yeah – I should have put a 🙂 next to the comment on top… the sarcasm wasn’t clear…

    I’m an avid reader, and Dave Eggers has been an advocate of personalized education methods for a long time (and his wife, novelist Vendela Vida, was a Breakthrough teacher back in the day)…

    McSweeney’s and 826 have long been vocal about their opposition to impersonal education…

  2. Rachel says:

    She didn’t write it. McSweeney’s has this site for humor. It’s a satire on how crappy NCLB is and how they are testing kids at younger and younger ages. It’s not meant to be taken seriously.

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