Mustaches for Breakthrough Kids!

Breakthrough has had some exciting news before, and we’ve won some big honors, but never has an opportunity had such an impact on my physical attractiveness.

Breakthrough has just been named as the beneficiary of the next round of San Francisco’s Mustaches for Kids!

If you’ve never heard of M4K, it’s a lot like a charity marathon, where you undergo some arduous task and ask friends and family to “sponsor” your efforts. The difference here is that the task is living your life for several weeks with a mustache. The more outlandish the better. You respond to the concerned looks with a Breakthrough shpeil and a request for support.

Not a goatee or a beard. One of these. Or these. Or these. Or even one of these.

Anyway, the mustache-able of us here at Breakthrough will be getting our ‘stache on starting in early November. We need your help. If you are interested in growing for Breakthrough, please check out the FAQ here. If you’re willing to commit (Bay Area growers can attend mustache functions, including the ultimate ‘stache-off, while those of you around the country can take pictures and raise funds), send a note to, and cc me as well (, just to keep me clued in.


3 Responses to Mustaches for Breakthrough Kids!

  1. Jia says:

    Oh MAN, up until this point, I was trying to not feel too bitter about my lack of facial hair. Sigh. I’ll try my best. 😛

  2. Bobby Cupp says:

    Ha! There will be regular mustache updates. For reals.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haha, will there be a breakthrough mustache group picture posted to teachbreakthroughs?
    — Natasha

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