It’s time to lead. Breakthrough teachers put in long hours, stretch themselves in new ways, face obstacles unlike any other they’ve seen, and they are thankful for the opportunity. Breakthrough teachers create real societal change, and they play an essential role in sending deserving kids to college. In their spare time, they grow, develop as leaders, and have fun doing it.

This summer, let the double-nonfat-no-whip-mocha-frappalattes pour themselves.

Let the law firm find someone else to make their copies.
Breakthrough and its ambitious, bright middle school students need you more, and you owe it to yourself to take on this challenge, to do this work in the service equality and social justice.

Teaching with Breakthrough is a volunteer experience, but living expenses stipends are provided, along with housing and AmeriCorps Education Awards at select locations.

Click here to read the Teaching at Breakthrough Handbook.

Click here to apply for summer 2008.

Questions? Read the T@B Handbook.
Still have questions? Send a note to, or call 415-442-0600 x106.


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