Soooo Busy! Sooooo Happy! Sooooo Busy!

Hello Breakers,

I would like to take a minute or two to create a little window into Breakthrough’s magical workshop, and give you a picture of what we’ve been up to lately.

In the teacher world, Adam and I have been training and supplying Breakthrough’s 30+ campus recruiters. They’re pumped, their eager, they’re Facebooking, and they’ll be asking for your help :). Hopefully, you’ve seen the newly-launched teacher application and sent the link to all of your friends. My favorite new thing is the Interactive Site Map. Check it out. Even if you’re not applying, you might find out something new!

(It’s a lot less squishy on the application.)

As if that’s not enough, we’ve been hard at work planning our National Conference. Starting tomorrow in Santa Fe (hosted by Mike and Zacc of BTSF), Breakthrough Directors from all over the country will convene to discuss their plans, share best-practices, and hold late-night pool parties. There’s a lot of business to take of between Tuesday and Friday, but there are also cheers, celebrations, and hugs. I’ll be presenting to directors on some rock-solid teacher training techniques and local recruiting for the school year program.I guess we weren’t busy enough, so we decided to move offices. Just after Thanksgiving, Breakthrough National will be pulling up roots, and movin’ on up. We’re leaving our lovable, grungy SOMA digs, and heading to the junction of North Beach, Chinatown, and the Financial District. For those of you that don’t know San Francisco, that means we’re leaving freeway on-ramps and bus terminals for amazing coffee, dim sum, and that pointy building in all of the postcards. We’re really excited about the move, and you may find an extra dose of joy in our communications from now on.
Hope you’re well! Talk to you soon!

Bobby Cupp


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