MATCH Corps – innovative Boston post-grad, Breakthrough-ish opportunity – Apply Now!

Erin Tsukamoto (Miami ’06, Cambridge ’07) brought this opportunity to our attention. She’s a current MATCH Corps Member, and she attests to the awesomeness of this program. There are 4 Breakers in the Corps at the moment (Sarah Wettenstein – Miami ’06, Tyrone Cherry – Atlanta ’06 and ’07, Angie Gibbs – New Haven). Want to improve that number a little bit?

The MATCH school employs 42 recent college graduates to live in the school in a dorm-style residence on the top floor. For one academic year they meet with 5 students, paired with them at the beginning of the year, and tutor them every day 1-on-1 in their classroom subjects. Our student body is almost entirely African American and Latino, and our school mission is to erase the racial achievement gap that afflicts so many urban high schoolers in our country (ed. note: BT knows you’re all about that). Because of the Corps our student body is very high achieving–our largely poor, minority student body recently ranked #1 in the state in the MCAS math proficiency test among state 10th graders and our high school was ranked on the US News and World Report Top 100 US High Schools.

This program as a great option for students interested in education and teaching, as well as anyone interested in doing a service year and addressing one of the most glaring social issues that faces our nation today.

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