ED in 08 – News and Updates

As the election season heats up, ED in ’08 is getting more press than ever.Keep up to date here: Buzz about Ed

Some highlights from the director’s blog:
Dropping Below the Middle, My Take – The Republican Univision Debate, Education – A Winning Strategy

For some of us (myself included), election season is just fun. We read every article, blog post, and e-mail about the campaigns, and we live and die for our chosen candidates and issues just as we do for our favorite sports teams (FYI, the Warriors are ROLLING this year. Bring it, Texas.). One thing we hear every year, though, is about the fickleness, the unreliability of young voters. They poll young people on our issues and our candidates, and education always comes up big. On election day, though, young people just don’t show up. This matters, because the AARP always gets what it wants from your representatives, and schools, students, and younger people never do.

If you’re engaged and knowledgable enough to do Breakthrough, I imagine you’re all registered to vote. It’s your friends, classmates, peers, and family members that need the encouragement. Do what you can to get the people you know registered, and vote this year for education. Find the candidate that represents you, and put them in office.

Impartial Candidate Position Statements (http://www.vote-usa.org/):


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