‘Stache Infection

As mentioned a while back, Breakthrough staff (along with about 60 other San Franciscans) embarked on a noble and masculine quest. A journey to the peak of the Mount Olympus of facial hair, the “Sweetest ‘Stache of the Bash” award.

This was, of course, a fundraiser for Breakthrough, hosted by Alex and Jon, the fine gents of Mustaches for Kids SF. Bobby (Professor Tickles), Adam (The Artist Formerly Known as Prince’s Mustache), Carlos (Billy Dee Williams as both Lando Calrisian and the Colt 45 Guy), Spencer (Mr. Miyagi), John, and Randy R. all sprouted whiskers for the event, along with many staff members of San Francisco Day School.

Guided by Breakthrough’s fearless Team Development (spearheaded by Dir. of Devo. Erica Fortescue and Devo. Assoc. Zoe Reyes), Breakthrough raised upwards of $20,000 last night that will go toward helping kids throughout the network.

Now the fierce pictures (Available for purchase. If you’re, you know, into that…):


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