2008 Breakthrough Resume Book – Help us help you.

December 19, 2007

Dear Breakthrough Teacher,

We spend a lot of time here at Breakthrough thinking about you. Of course, the quality of your Breakthrough summer has a major impact on the experiences of your students, and you’re a key part of ensuring their successes. That is not where our interest in you ends, however.

We know intimately that closing the achievement gap requires more than providing opportunities to bright kids. We at Breakthrough know that ultimately the essential problem our schools face lies in the excellence of America’s teaching corps, and that the solution is there too. While our service to our 2,500 students is creating change from the ground up by providing young natural leaders with the tools to make a real difference in their communities, it is you, our 750 teachers every year that have the greatest potential for revolutionary impact. Without great classroom teachers, academic professionals, and out-of-school supports, meaningful educational reform will remain a political novelty, an exercise in wishes and what-ifs, a joke.

Breakthrough is banking on your potential to close the achievement gap.

While we are endlessly grateful for your summer(s?) of service, we are expecting more from you. As you finish your college career, we expect you to remain in the fight and to continue to work for our underserved. To that end, Breakthrough is leveraging our deep connections in the world of progressive education and good non-profit organizations to match up the most sought-after college graduates (you, in case you weren’t aware) with the most impactful and rewarding employers. The 2008 Breakthrough Resume Book is coming, and we’re asking for your participation.

Here are the details:

  • Breakthrough wants you to pursue a career in education. That may mean becoming a revolutionary classroom teacher, but it may also mean working for an impactful non-profit or as another sort of school professional. As long as you’re working for change, we’re happy with you.
    • If you are already gainfully employed with a great organization and not interested in inclusion in the Resume Book, let me know! We want to know what you’re doing!
  • If your college graduation occurred/occurs between Fall 2006 and Spring 2008, then you are welcome to submit your career interests and resume for inclusion in the 2008 Resume Book. (If your grad date is different, you can wait until next year when we do this again).
    • First things first: obtain a permanent e-mail address. Except in rare situations, you will lose your “.edu” address within 9 months of graduation. Don’t leave potential employers without a way to contact you in the fall. Seriously. This happened a lot last year. You will need a new address at some point, and now is as good a time as any. I recommend http://www.gmail.com or http://mail.yahoo.com.
    • You will fill out the form available for download from this link. (UPDATE: This is a Word Doc – I’ve ditched the PDF.) Save the file with your information.
    • Create a current resume. Please limit your resume to one (1) page, and use only Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. Your margins should be no narrower than 0.7 inches. Save your resume as either a PDF or .doc file. Please meet these formatting guidelines, as Adam and I will have to fix anything unusual you do, and we may just be forced to leave yours out.
      • Can’t fit all of your amazing life onto one page? That’s fine. Most people can’t. To a school employer, your job at Jamba Juice in high school is less important than your time as a volleyball coach in college. If you head a section with “relevant experience,” you can keep just the best parts, and no one will doubt that you have done a lot with your life so far.
      • Here are some good templates, courtesy of http://www.collegegrad.com.
      • More good advice!
    • E-mail your collection form and resume to me at bcupp@breakthroughcollaborative.org by January 11, 2008. At that point I’ll assemble the book, and send it off to amazing employers that have expressed an interest in getting in touch with you. Some examples:
      • Each Breakthrough host school
      • Each Breakthrough site
      • KIPP
      • Teach For America
      • Citizen Schools
      • DC Preparatory Academy
      • MATCH Corps
      • The US News and World Report Top 100 High Schools
    • To repeat:
      • This form + Your Resume + E-mailed to Bobby by January 11 = Targeted and Proven Job Access. Monster.com ain’t got nothing on us.

Take the time to work on this over the holiday, and be sure to reply with any questions you might have.

Happy holidays, and take care.

Warm regards,



Bobby Cupp
Teacher Excellence Specialist
The Breakthrough Collaborative
545 Sansome St., Suite 700 • San Francisco, CA 94111
T: (415) 442-0600 x 108 F: (415) 442-0609
Students Teaching Students


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