Breakthrough Leadership Fellows – Become the Future of Breakthrough

We’re, like, obsessed with serving our former teachers. Read below about another exciting opportunity for future/recent college grads.


December 21, 2007

Dear Breakthrough Teachers, One of the richest traditions celebrated at Breakthrough is the one about how many of you never really go away. If you were to throw a rock at an assembly of Breakthrough directors and National Staff, the odds are that you’d hit someone who spent some time as a Breakthrough Teacher. Knowing that we want to keep all of our sites staffed with qualified, prepared, and incredible directors, we started the Breakthrough Leadership Fellows program in 2005. The goal is to create a pipeline of recent college graduates into positions of leadership at Breakthrough sites.

Here’s the gist:

  • If you graduate spring 2008 or later, you can apply for one of the eight 2008 Breakthrough Leadership Fellowships.If accepted, you will be placed at a Breakthrough site for summer 2008 as a professional director. Positions filled by Fellows in the past include Dean of Faculty, Associate Director, and High School Director, among others.
  • You will attend the Breakthrough Leadership Institute in San Francisco in May, where you will be given extensive, valuable training in program management and Breakthrough-specific skills.
  • You will be provided with a travel budget to both attend the Leadership Institute and visit other Breakthrough sites to broaden your exposure. In addition, you will be given a stipend of $4500. Housing will be arranged by your site.
  • Leadership Fellows are considered the strongest candidates for full time director positions at Breakthrough sites. Leadership Fellows are now serving in career positions at the Atlanta, Cambridge, Minneapolis, and San Francisco-Day School sites.

If your experience with Breakthrough has led you to dream of becoming one of the great Directors that makes this program work, then the Breakthrough Leadership Fellows program is for you.
The application can be found at this link, and is due into my office by January 28, 2008. Any questions about the Breakthrough Leadership Fellows program can be directed to me at the information below.Thanks,

Bobby Cupp
Teacher Excellence Specialist
The Breakthrough Collaborative
545 Sansome St., Suite 700 • San Francisco, CA 94111
T: (415) 442-0600 x 108 F: (415) 442-0609
Students Teaching Students


Breakthrough Leadership Fellows: APPLY HERE!


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