Meet Breakthrough’s 100th Applicant!

The Celebration of the Number 100 continues tonight here at TeachBreakthroughs.Please meet Pei (Sally) Wu, the 100th superstar to apply to teach this summer for Breakthrough:

Name: Pei (Sally) Wu
School: Haverford College (Class of 2011)
Major: Undeclared (Education, Psychology or Chemistry)
Time of Submission: Thursday, January 10, 4:28 PM PST

1. How did you first hear about Breakthrough?

I was searching for a summer program that would allow me to teach and work with children. I found Breakthrough on a list of programs for minority undergraduates. I was wondering whether to apply for it or not, since it seems to be such a tough program to get into. It just so happen that I found out that Rachel [Cholst, BTNY ’06-’07] had done the program. After talking to her and finding out she was a campus recruiter, I was convinced to apply. She has been really generous with helping me by encouraging me to keep going throughout my application process.

2. What about teaching with Breakthrough is so exciting for you?

I think the great thing about Breakthrough is the amount of freedom given to the
teachers and the amount of interaction that the teachers will have with the
students. Plus, it gives undergraduates a chance to teach students and
find out if teaching is right for them.

3. What are some of your career interests?

I want to get involved with children in the future, either through a job or
through volunteer work. I am thinking about pursuing developmental
psychology or education as a major.

I have always been inclined towards math and science. I have liked
all of my math and science teachers and learned a lot, but I have found that
there are so many ways to teach it and not enough teachers are able to go
outside of the box to teach it. I want to attempt more progressive methods
in teaching math and science. I think the best thing I can do for the
students is to simply love what I am teaching. I love the concepts of math
and science and I would love to help my students understand the concepts for
themselves. I think that teaching these topics will be more difficult than
teaching history or english, but I would much rather teach something I love and
something that I feel more comfortable with.

4. Describe your personality in three words.

Happy, Dreamy, Reliable

5. If you were a U.S. city, what city would you be, and why?

This is a tough one. I haven’t been to many cities and I don’t quite
feel I am like any of the cities I have been too. I think I would be more
of a suburb, where it is more about the community and the simple things in life
rather than the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sally will be receiving a lovely Breakthrough Nalgene bottle for her effort/luck. Congrats!

IMPT Note: While Sally is celebrated as our 100th applicant, her selection or
non-selection is totally up to the site(s) she applied to, and this has no
bearing on such. We do wish her luck, though.

ANTHR IMPT Note: We’re not stopping at 100. Our 250th, 500th, and 1000th applicants will also be Celebrated. We’re having a great application season so far, and we’re currently on track to receive approximately 1500 summer teaching applications this year. It’s kind of like those radio contests where the 10th caller gets the concert tickets. Please get your applications in, and send your friends/relations/etc. to the application right away!

THRD IMPT Note: The Facebook savvy can visit the new page for this summer here: Teach Summer 2008. Become a fan! Post to your profile! Send encouraging notes to applicants!


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