Teacher Pay. Breakthrough is officially in favor of it.

From a couple of U-Dub researchers. Interesting perspective.

Got my attention:

Many people will argue the problem with teacher salaries is that they are too low to attract and keep good teachers. That may be true. But the types of pay reforms outlined by Washington Learns recognize a deeper problem: the failure of the current system to make distinctions among teachers who have specialized skills, who accept difficult job assignments, or who are more effective in the classroom.

This is a good point. That a lot of people are making. Simply producing more teachers isn’t enough to achieve Breakthrough’s goals. We want to make more excellent teachers. We don’t want you to just jump into the classroom ASAP and muddle through. We want you to become AMAZING teachers, the leaders on your faculties, and we think you need to be appropriately compensated for applying the initiative, strength, and character demanded by Breakthrough.

If you are in or know about teacher training/career entrance programs that do more than get you a credential and put you out in the world, please do let me know. We’re big fans of MATCH Corps in Boston and DC Prep’s Resident Teacher Program already, but I want to hear more.


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