Meet Applicant #250 – Russell Cohen

Wow! That was fast! Here’s #250:

Name: Russell Cohen
School: Concord Academy (Class of 2009)
Time of Submission: Thursday, January 31, 1:14 PM EST

  1. How did you first hear about Breakthrough?
    I heard about Breakthrough through my mom, who is a trustee of the Ramsey McCluskey Family Foundation, which has given grants to the Cambridge branch in the past.
  2. What about teaching with Breakthrough is so exciting for you?
    The most exciting part about teaching with Breakthrough for me is the opportunity to experiment with teaching, an occupation I see as a potential career path.
  3. What are some of your career interests?
    I am interested in entering the computer science field, as programmer, a teacher, or both.
  4. Describe your personality in three words.
    self-motivated, curious, enthusiastic
  5. If you were a U.S. city, what city would you be, and why?
    Boston’s abundant technology and plethora of musical opportunities parallels my 2 primary hobbies: computer science and music.

Russell will soon receive an AWESOME Breakthrough Nalgene bottle with handy Breakthrough carabiner attached (not for climbing!).

TeachBreakthroughs will also celebrate Applicants #500 and #1000.

The applications are rolling in, so please take this opportunity to refer your friends to the application, and please become a fan of the Facebook page. Selections are happening now!


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