Ready to Teach? DC Teaching Program from Howard U.

This one looks good:

Are you ready to influence the lives of hundreds of young people? Are
you ready to make a difference in your community?

Are you “Ready to Teach”?

Howard University has just been awarded a multi-million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Education to recruit, train and certify people that are interested in becoming teachers. We are looking for candidates who would like to teach English, Mathematics, Reading, Science or Special Education in Chicago (IL); Clayton County (GA); Houston (TX); Prince George’s County (MD); or Washington (DC). The best part -no experience or background in education is required!

The Ready to Teach program (RtT) is ACTIVELY recruiting candidates for the 2008-2009 Cohort. Through this program you can earn a Master’s of Arts in teaching Degree and get your teaching certification in one short year! RtT even provides scholarships and financial assistance to its candidates. The program is geared towards African-American males, but everyone is encouraged to apply. Hurry, the application deadline is March 3, 2008!!! For admissions requirements and more information please visit the website at, or feel free to contact me, Trenile Tillman, at

Please forward this information to your friends, family, colleagues, children, etc. –Best Regards, Trenile Tillman Program Assistant Howard University School of Education Ready to Teach Program.
202-806-6500 (phone)
202-518-1166 (fax)


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