RE: Inspiration

An e-mail I just got from our friend Katie Mancino (Fort Lauderdale ’07):

I just wanted to take a second to say thanks for posting this Taylor Mali video. I’m a senior in college this year and I’ve been through the interview wringer in the last few weeks applying and interviewing for teaching positions all over the country. I actually just finished interviewing for a fellowship in DC today and after traveling, planning, and preparing for this interview as well as the one I have coming up in Denver on Monday I came back to check my email today thoroughly exhausted.

Not to mention certain that I should be looking for a job in the business sector so that I wouldn’t be broke after paying all of my own expenses to travel for these interviews and praxis exams and GREs and ETC. Checking my inbox and finding this video on teachbreakthroughs reminded me why I’m doing all of this, and how much it matters to me and so many others. It was a pick-me-up to say the least, so thanks so much for that.

Thanks Katie, and to Katie S. for sharing the clip.  It’s always so great to hear what our former teachers are up to, so don’t  hesitate to send me a note with your grad school admissions, job offers, and anything else great that happens to you.


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