Update from ED: Courting the Hispanic Vote

Education is the #1 Issue for Hispanics!

In a new poll conducted last week by FH Hispania, education ranked as the number one issue of importance for Hispanics.  It is clear that education will play a key role when this group goes to the ballot box.  In fact, 25 percent of the eligible voters in Texas are Hispanic! In a different poll conducted by USAToday/Gallup, 81 percent of respondents said that education was an important issue to their choice for President. That figure ranked third among ALL issues, ahead of health care, the environment, and terrorism.Your Help Needed – Tell The Candidates to Make Education A Priority

Media Matters: ED in ’08 Chairman Roy Romer in the Denver Post
The Denver Post captured Romer’s thoughts on the role of education in the presidential debate:

Today, candidates are talking about the Iraq war, the economy, global warming and health care…“All of those four issues are standing on the pillar of knowledge and skills,” Romer said. “If we don’t have skilled people, we can’t defend ourselves, we can’t have a healthy economy, we can’t [solve] global warming or… get good health care.”


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