Why You/We Do What You/We Do: Social Mobility

Anyone who has taken an education class has heard the Horace Mann quote about schooling serving as the “great equalizer,” the tool with which we can do an end-run around inherited wealth and power.  That with good public education we can help people have a bit more security than they grew up with. 

That’s the business that Breakthrough is in, and it’s not like we needed more evidence that things don’t really work out that way in our system as of yet.  The Brookings Institution just released a new study on social mobility, and the results aren’t good.

Money quote:

“…studies show that many poor but bright children do not receive good advice about applying for college and scholarships, or do not receive help after starting college.”

 You may not realize it, but Breakthrough students sign on for year-round support, sometimes through high school.  That means that Breakthrough kids get this good advice.  Our kids are breaking the mold. 

Heads-up courtesy Rhea Wong of BTNY.


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