Green Job in SF: Natural Resources Defense Council

From a friend in the saving-the-planet field:

Need a new job or know someone who needs one?  Two positions just opened up at NRDC‘s SF office – an Energy PA position & a Development PA position (PA basically means administrative assistant who works for a particular program, in this case, energy.  While they do a lot of admin work, PAs have a lot of opportunities to conduct research, form program objectives & projects and work on things of your specific interest w/in the program, and even cross-programmatically).
You can apply online here:
If you have a friend that you think would be interested please feel free to pass this on to them.  The NRDC SF office is in the Financial District right around the corner from the Montgomery BART stop. (And a short walk to Breakthrough National as well!)  While the pay is nonprofit, the benefits are excellent, wonderful collegial environment w/ lots of other cool, smart PAs, nice office w/ nice views & LEED certified (of course) and, the opportunity to work for some the nation’s most innovative & intelligent scientists, policy analysts, doctors, and lawyers in the environmental community.


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