Teach California Charters – Deadline Looming

A moment for charter schools.  They’re kind of the rage right now, providing aspiring teachers with a combination of “kids-in-need” and the independence, support, and progressive teaching often considered absent from public schools.  In the best of situations, that’s correct.  Some charter schools are laboratories for a better vision of public schooling, providing high-quality, personalized care for kids that generally can’t afford the better private or independent schools.  Future teachers take care, however, for all charter schools are not created equal.  There are as many lousy, poorly run charter schools as there are full-public and private schools, and take the time to get to know the administration, pedagogy, and approach before you sign on. 

If, however, you want to serve low-income, high-need student communities, and want to take part in some pretty exciting experiments in teaching, charters are definitely a good option.  Teach California Charters is a part of The New Teacher Project, and is a clearinghouse for teaching positions statewide, and they have programs for both credentialed and not-yet-credentialed teachers.  The priority deadline for this year is approaching at the end of the week.  Full endorsement from TeachBreakthroughs.  Check it out.

Teach California Charters – Apply Now (Priority Deadline February 29)

2 Responses to Teach California Charters – Deadline Looming

  1. Jelena Eros says:

    Jelena Eros

    http://www.elenagallery.com phone: 480 671 8128 elenaeros@gmail.com

    November 28, 2008

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would like to apply for an Art teacher Position.
    I am a practicing professional Artist and an experienced Art Instructor and I teach: Painting, Drawing, Animation, Sculpture, Fashion Design and Art History. I studied in Moscow Textile University (Faculty of Applied Art) under renowned Russian Artists/Professors and was awarded an “Outstanding Student Scholarship”, enabling me to continue my education in Hungarian University of Applied Art. After 5 years of studying I received a special Grant from Hungarian and Russian Ministries of Higher Education to take one year course in Means’s Fashion Design exclusively designed organized for me under the direction of one of the most famous Designers/Professors in Europe.
    My 8 years exclusive University education in Russia and Hungary is equivalent to American Masters Degree and beyond.
    After graduating from the Hungarian University I was invited to teach at the Textile University in Moscow as a Professor Assistant.
    As my resume indicates, I have an extensive 8 years educational art background at some of the finest Institutions of Europe, along with over 20+years of teaching experience with many accolades along the way. I have lived, studied and TAUGHT in Russia, Hungary and the USA.
    I am an excellent instructor with very strong management skills and I always bring the best out of my students. My curriculums are designed to develop students’ artistic abilities and results have been outstanding.
    I seek an opportunity where my well-rounded experience, diverse background and abilities to teach Students of different ages and backgrounds would be leveraged to their fullest potential. I welcome the opportunity to discuss and explore the possibility of merging my talent, experience and enthusiasm with your Institution’s needs.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Jelena Eros

  2. Jelena Eros says:

    I am a professioanl Artist and a part time Art Teacher. I would like to become a full time Art Teacher.
    Jelena Eros

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